The enigma of the San Francisco Giants

Jonathan Sanchez

Normally, I wouldn’t think of posting about the Giants after they broke my heart by pulling Zito from the rotation, thus derailing his chances to lose 20 this year (by the way, he currently sits at 4-12 with a 5.73 ERA, all of which technically projects him to finish at 7-22 for the season, so maybe he can still pull it off).

No, what really caught my eye about the Giants is their home/road splits. The Giants are currently 39-50 (.438), a mere 5 games out of the NL West top (sad, eh?) However, here in the “Season of the Home Team”, they have pulled off a home record of 17-28 (.378!) to go with a 22-22 road record. Yes, the Giants are, in fact, 11 games under .500 at home and an even .500 on the road. If the Giants were able to just break even at home this season, they would be 0.5 games up on everyone in the division! Looking closer, at home the Giants are hitting .256/.320/.388 (a.k.a, not too great) but on the road, they are .265/.328/.395, not really a significant difference there. Pitching-wise, they are 4.42/1.44 at home and 4.05/1.40 on the road, so they pitch almost a half a run better on the road than at home (and isn’t AT&T Park supposedly to be a pitchers park?) So, you got me. Maybe their pitching just isn’t a good match for the park. Maybe they just get bummed when they play at home. Or maybe it is just the sort of random stuff that happens in baseball that is so great. 

And just to make things fun, the Giants are now my pick to win the NL West!


One thought on “The enigma of the San Francisco Giants

  1. Go Giants! Hopefully Zito will perform better the second half of the season like he usually does. If he can win, than I feel the Giants can contend in the weak NL West.

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