#98: ‘The Good Son’ by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

I suppose that to an extent, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds are an acquired taste. Not to say they aren’t good. Heck, they’re beyond good, they are great. However, I know very few people who liked Nick Cave from the very first listen. This is not to say that I hated the band, but I really didn’t have the sort of appreciation of the band and their sound that I do now. Which brings me to my point: is a band great if you feel you need to use the phrase “appreciate” rather than “love” when describing the experience of listening to their music. I remember reading somewhere once that some people are born to love classical music, the rest of us can just learn to appreciate it (I fall in the latter category). This just might be the case for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and whether it means that you have to be a true music aficionado to wade into their oeuvre without getting overwhelmed, or maybe they’re just overrated by a bunch of music nerds. The Good Son doesn’t tend to be the album most Nick Cave gravitate towards when they think of the band’s career, but to me, it is my second favorite. The trio of “song” songs – “The Hammer Song”, “The Ship Song” and “The Weeping Song” are some of the deepest and most richly textured songs that Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have put on a single record, where Nick’s voice is as smooth as it had been to that point, mixing lushly with the arrangements, yet it is was still as dark and macabre as you would want from the Aussie band. You might not automatically get drawn towards it, but if you give Nick Cave a solid chance, you’ll find them as fascinating as I do.

Excellent Tracks: “The Weeping Song”, “The Ship Song”, “The Hammer Song”, “The Good Son”

EG100 Score: 77.62


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