So, after all the nasty taste I got in my mouth after the two conventions, I decided I need to watch one of my favorite political films, the under-appreciated Bulworth. Yes, I know it panders to my demographic of left-leaning folks fed up with party politics, but it does a damn good job at it, and if any candidate ever got the cajones that J. Bulworth had (albeit after no sleep for about a week and calling a hit on himself), I’d fall for them hook-line-and-sinker.

However, two things struck me this time. First, even though it was a little heavy-handed on director Warren Beatty’s part to have the homeless (?), old African-American guy telling Bulworth that “we need a spirit, not a ghost” right up until the end (which I won’t give away), I was struck that even in 1998, Beatty knew what this country needed: a leader that can inspire and have spirit. We have a lack of leaders in this country because we’ve produced a political system full of lawyers and CEO-types. I’d like to think that Barack Obama has some of that spirit this country is missing.

And on the subject of the racial issues of the country, buried in all the anti-corporate media, anti-insurance company, anti-party rhetoric that Bulworth professes, there is one absolute truism that someone need to bring up for the current 2008 presidential election that I think really cuts to the different between the GOP and the Democrats … and it is this gem that came out of Bulworth about 2/3 of the way into the movie:

“Most white people have more in common with black people than they do with rich people.”

And that, my friends, is the truest thing around and sums up what is wrong with the nation. We’re stuck in a class struggle and we don’t even realize it because they don’t want us to realize it. Not the media, not the corporations, not the politicians. Hopefully, some day enough of the country will wake up to realize how the rich have manipulated them as to just make the rich even richer. Time to take that power back.


One thought on “Bulworth

  1. True Dr. G, but also people often want to be manipulated.
    One unique thing about America you must consider when wondering why the country keeps going back to the GOP for President is the existence of modern suburbanites or exurbites. You know, the folks living in the McMansion at the end of the cul-de-sac. They drive to work in SUVs, keep the kids enrolled in karate and soccer instead of just playing outside, drive to work in their SUVs (no other option), and shop in big cookie cutter malls (the developments killed off the old smalltoen business districts). You can argue that media and advertising convinced them that this is what they wanted, but from the exurbanites I know they were not a hard sell. Many people just want a nice pre-packaged safe existence. The problem is of course that the exurbanites are isolated from the real world by their lifestyle. They are politically apathetic and uninformed, therefore they are susceptible to the GOP every four years when they say they’ll protect the exurban lifestyle. And thus the ex.s swing the election. And the exurbanites are scared and should be, because their lifestyle is unsustainable.
    But if they vote for McSame/Insalin they’ll get what they have coming to them…
    But if you want to see some good old class bias based on “pedigree” and not wealth, visit the hallowed halls of academia (sorry I had to get that dig in).

    Hey, but the Sox won…Homeland Insecurity is becoming confused.

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