Fantasy Debate League Draft

This will make sense to the rest of you later on …


Updated 10.15.08 15:55 Pacific

Damn, it feels good to be a Maverick (TM)

  • Words: Issues, Taxpayer, Credit, RetirementCorrect
  • Phrases: More of the same, Health care for all Americans, Bush tax cut
  • Location: Wall Street
  • Person: Ronald Reagan

Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos

  • Words: Change, Job, Liberal, Home, Vote
  • Phrases: Working American, Tax-and-spend, Policies of the Bush Administration
  • Location: Middle East
  • Person: Willie Ayers

Team Hussien

  • Words: Judgment, Earmark, Deregulation, Bailout
  • Phrases: Failed Leadership, Foreign Oil, Across the Aisle
  • Location: Russia
  • Person: Reverend Wright, Secretary Paulson

The Guns of Bristol

  • Words: Tax, Billion, Troops, Strategy
  • Phrases: United States Senate, Health Care Plan, Offshore Drilling
  • Location: Pakistan
  • Person: Osama Bin Laden

Barack Obama and the Chamber of Secrets

  • Words: Economy, Reform, Bipartisan, Plan
  • Phrases: Manmade Global Warming, Complete the Mission, Taxes for the Middle Class, Small business
  • Location: Israel
  • Person: Ahmadinejad
Bail, Baby Bail! Bushwick Inferno! 
  • Words: Accountability, Abroad, Greed, Global, Market
  • Phrases: Next president of the United States, Main Street, Tax cuts
  • Location: China
  • Person: Obama’s Mother
  • Words: Spending, Al-qaeda, Oil, War, Cut
  • Phrases: Eight years, That is not true, Financial Crisis
  • Location: Iran
  • Person: Kim Jong Il

Team wwrs

  • Words: Policy, Record, Fundamental, Lobbyist
  • Phrases: My friends, Four more years, Rescue package, I don’t believe
  • Location: Iraq
  • Person: General Petraeus
I Admire Your Wife 
  • Words: Lower, education, Crisis, Erratic, Raise
  • Phrases: Middle class, With all due respect, Doesn’t seem to understand
  • Location: Arizona
  • Person: Charles Keating
VPILF Hunter
  • Words: Nuclear, energy, government, administration, dollar
  • Phrases: Subprime mortgage, alternative energy, Dependence on foreign oil
  • Location: Afghanistan
  • Person: Al-Maliki

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