Fantasy Debate League Standings

Fantasy Debate League 2008

Standing after Debate 2, 10.8.08 — With REVISED SCORES

NOTE: I fixed the point totals after detecting a few errors in the scores. Sorry about the confusion. 10.9.08.

  1. The Guns of Bristol – 197 points
  2. Team WWRS – 149 points
  3. VPILF Hunter – 127 points
  4. NoBamas – 113 points
  5. Barack Obama and the Chamber of Secrets – 105 points
  6. Don’t Blame Me, I voted for Kodos – 94 points
  7. Damn, It Feels Good to be a Maverick – 88 points
  8. Team Hussein – 60 points
  9. Bail, Baby, Bail! Bushwick Inferno! – 35 points
  10. I Admire Your Wife – 33 points
Comments: Bristol charges out to a early lead, scoring big with “tax” and “billion”, along with nailing “United States Senate”. Team WWRS and VPILF Hunter are neck and neck for 2nd and 3rd, while both NoBamas and Kodos broke the century mark with their scores. Barack/Secrets scored well with “economy” but garnered no points with his phrases. Maverick did well with “bush tax cut” and “Reagan”, but lagged with words like “retirement” that got only one use. Team Hussein scored big with “Russia” (which I hear can be seen from Alaska) but his words failed him. Both Bushwick and Your Wife fared poorly in Debate 2, for Bushwick it was a lack of “accountability” in the debate and for Your Wife, McCain’s refusal to acknowledge a “middle class” sagged their score.
The next (and last) debate is 10.15.08. We will have some exciting changes between now and then that will help keep things lively. Good luck!

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