Fantasy Debate League – Final Standings

So, the debates are done and the “big wait” begins. Before you crawl into that lead-lined bunker, here are the final results of the Fantasy Debate League!

Without further ado … Congratulations to the 2008 FDL Champion

The Guns of Bristol

Bristol destroyed the competition, beating the second place team by 62 points, thanks to Bristol’s astute choice of “tax” and “billion”. Bristol also scored well with “health care plan” in debate 3.

However, Bristol didn’t win the Debate 3 match. Instead, that went to VPILF Hunter, who scored 154 points thanks to “dollar” and some excessive “dependence on foreign oil”. Both Barack/Secrets and I Admire Your Wife made leaps in the standings with good Debate 3 showings.

Final Standings (points listed as Debate 1/Debate 2/Total)

  1. The Guns of Bristol: 197/146/343
  2. VPILF Hunter: 127/154/281
  3. Barack Obama and the Chamber of Secrets: 105/136/241
  4. NoBamas: 113/117/230
  5. Team WWRS: 149/80/229
  6. Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos: 94/117/211
  7. Damn, It Feels Good to be a Maverick: 88/54/142
  8. I Admire Your Wife: 33/62/95
  9. Team Hussein: 60/15/75
  10. Bail, Baby, Bail! Bushwick Inferno: 35/16/51
See you in four years!

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