Congratulations to the Rays

Well, on the plus side, I did correctly predict a Rays-Phils World Series, now didn’t I?

I give the Rays credit, they got the timely pitching (from Matt Garza) and timely hitting (from Willie Aybar) they needed to win the game and the series. The holes in the Red Sox lineup were huge tonight, with not much to fear from hitters 7-9. This will be an interesting challenge for the Sox to deal with in the offeason. What do you do about Drew? Or Lugo? Or Varitek? Or Lowrie? Or Ellsbury? (if either of them can’t figure out how to hit the fastball.) Or Crisp? The Sox need a another bat, but where will they find the space with Lowell and Youk at the corners? Ah, the questions.

Anyway, congratulations to the Rays for the 2008 AL Pennant. The franchise deserves the success after the mess they were from 1998-2006, especially with all the homegrown players that lead them to this championship.

That being said, I still say the Phillies will be the World Series Champions in 7 games. It will be exciting, I’m sure about that.


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