Republican Voter Fraud

Let us see … are Republican immune from voter fraud?

Um, no.

How many Republicans have been arrested for voter fraud? At least this guy, who runs a service that dupes voters and registers people multiple times.

If you want to give the Republicans credit for something, it is the ability to completely ignore facts for their own benefit.


2 thoughts on “Republican Voter Fraud

  1. Its called compartmentalized thinking, common among those with authoritarian personalities. It makes one unable to see inherent contradictions and hipocrisy.
    Example: you are a Veep candidate who calls Obama a socialist, yet you are governor of a state that:
    runs the railroad
    runs an extensive marine ferry system
    runs a rural health care system
    redistributes oil wealth to the citizens
    brings in more federal funding per capita than any other state
    is the second largest employer in the state (next to the federal government.

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