That was even worse for the Phils

So, I reran the Diamond Mind Online simulations of the Rays-Phils World Series with the new knowledge of the Rays rotation order, and well, Joe Maddon might be onto something.

This time, the Rays easily dispatched the Phils 4-1. The MVP was Evan Longoria, who crushed Phillies when it counted. Akonori Iwamura also had a good series, hitting over .400.

Quick Game Summaries:

Game 1: Philadelphia 4 – Tampa 0

  • W: Cole Hamels (9 IP/0 ER/8 K); L: Kazmir (6 IP/3 ER/8 K)
  • Jimmy Rollins: 2/5, RBI; Victorino 3/4, RBI. Hamels was dominant.
Game 2: Tampa 5 – Philadelphia 4
  • W: Chad Bradford; L: Chad Durbin; Sv: David Price.
  • Starters: Brett Myers 7 IP/0 ER/8 K; James Shields 7 IP/3 ER/10 K. The Philly bullpen imploded in the 8th, giving up a 2R pinch-hit HR to Rocco Baldelli.
  • B.J. Upton 2/4, RBI; Jayson Werth 1/4, 2 RBI; Pat Burrell 1/4 HR; Shane Victorino 1/4 HR
Game 3: Tampa 6 – Philadelphia 2
  • W: Matt Garza (6.2 IP/2 ER/7 K); L: Jamie Moyer (4.2 IP/5 ER/4 K); Sv: David Price
  • Akinori Iwamura 4/5, 2R; B.J. Upton 3/5, RBI; Dioner Navarro 1/3, 2 RBI; Victorino and Chase Utley, 2 H each. Moyer came unglued in the 5th, throwing 2 WP.
Game 4: Tampa 9 – Philadelphia 6 (Tampa leads 3-1)
  • W: Andrew Sonnanstine (5.1 IP/5 ER/5 K); L: Joe Blanton (2.0 IP/6 ER/1 K)
  • 2 IP of 0 ER relief from J.A. Happ and Ryan Madson; 3 IP of 1 ER relief from Grant Balfour.
  • Evan Longoria 2/3, 2 HR, 5 RBI; Carlos Pena 2/4, 3R, 3 RBI, HR; Iwamura 2/4; HR for Howard in 9th. Blanton was terrible.
Game 5: Tampa 3 – Philadelphia 1 (Tampa wins Series 4-1)
  • W: Kazmir (6.1 IP/1 ER/13 K); L: Cole Hamels (7 IP/3 ER/10 K); Sv: David Price
  • Longoria 2/4 RBI; Iwamura 2/5; Upton 2/5; Rollins 2/5; Feliz 1/4 HR. Kazmir struck out the first 11 batters he faced. Hamels was good, but not good enough.
If anything can be culled from this is that Philadelphia might strike its way out of the championship. The K totals for the Tampa starters: 8, 10, 7, 5, 13. Not pretty.

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