The Intellectual Thicket Endorsements

Yes, I know you’ve all be responding “undecided” to the pollsters until you could see who I support, so without further ado …

(Note: This works for all the races in Winters, CA, where I vote).

President/Vice President of the USA: Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D):

If this isn’t a “gimme”, I don’t know what is. The last month has shown us that Obama has the temperament and intelligence to be a strong leader, while John McCain, well, sort of looks crazy. Beyond that, this country needs a fresh start after the 8 years that have been the disastrous Bush Administration.

U.S. Representative (District 1): Mike Thompson (D): My endorsement here is mostly because Rep. Thompson’s office was very responsive when I was having trouble with passport issues. I appreciated the help from my local representative to the House.

State Representative: Lois Wolk (D)

Rep. to State Assembly: Mariko Yamada (D)

Proposition 1A (High Speed Rail): Yes: OK, it might be overly ambitious in the economic times we find ourselves, but we need grand projects like this to get us out of the Eisenhower highway mentality.

Proposition 2 (Cage-free Farm Animals): Yes: I think it is easy to see why paying a few cents more per egg is worth letting a chicken live in a space bigger than a sheet of paper.

Proposition 3 (Children’s Hospital $): No: One of the many “give us money” propositions that pop up each year that are unnecessary and not well-thought-out.

Proposition 4 (Waiting Period for Minors seeking Abortions): No: Not only is this just an attempt to end-run Roe v. Wade, it is also dangerous and illogical.

Proposition 5 (Nonviolent Offenders Rehabilitation Act): Yes: Reduce jail time for minor non-violent drug offenses? Heck, we need to go whole hog and decriminalize a lot of this stuff. This of the money we’d save if we weren’t jailing everyone who is caught with pot.

Proposition 6 ($ for Law Enforcement): No: See Prop. 3

Proposition 7 (Renewal Energy by 2025): No: Surprised? Well, the law is cumbersome and not well-conceived. Also, when the Green Party is against something like this, we know it has problems.

Proposition 8 (Same Sex Marriage Ban): NO:

Talk about insanity. Let’s not start taking away people’s rights, OK?

Proposition 9 (Victim’s Rights): No: Unnecessary legislation that mostly already exists.

Proposition 10 (Alternative Fuels): No: Again, surprised? This is the “Pickens” proposition for Natural Gas, which oddly, is what T. Boone Pickens owns a great deal of. I suppose in the business world, we would call this “synergy” eh? Sierra Club opposes this, so, again, something must be fishy.

Proposition 11 (Redistricting California): Yes: Here is where I break away from most liberals in California. I am for changing the way redistricting occurs mostly because we need a method that at least attempts to take control from the party system. I’d be more for this if it got rid of all party-based criteria to begin with, but that is a pipedream.

Proposition 12 (Veterans’ Funds): Yes: California has voted “yes” for this since 1922, so who am I to argue?


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