Jim Rice or … ?

So, I’m a little behind after being in New Zealand for the beginning of the month that I have yet to comment on the MLB Hall of Fame vote this year. Congratulations to former Red Sox Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson (ok, Rickey only played part of one season, but whatever). The next closest to the 75% threshold were Andre Dawson and Burt Blyleven, with a disappointing 22.6% for Tim Raines. And hey, Mo Vaughn fell off the ballot after one year!

Back to Rice… I am happy he made it, I really am, but lets compare career numbers for a couple players I remember watching as a kid:

  • Player 1: 8225 AB, 2452 H, 382 HR, .352 OBP, .298 BA, 9 All Stars, 1 MVP
  • Player 2: 8996 AB, 2446 H, 385 HR, .370 OBP, .270 BA, 9 Gold Gloves, 3 All Stars

OK, so this is a bit unfair, but Player 1 is, of course, Jim Rice. Player 2 is his teammate, Dwight Evans. Evans fell off the Hall of Fame ballot rather quickly and Rice will have a bronze plaque. Now, Evans had a longer career to compile his counting stats, but Evans was also a dominant defensive OF as well as a great hitter. Now, should every Evans-like player be in the HOF? No, but I just wanted to point out that maybe, just maybe, the voters put the wrong Sox OF in the Hall.




I made it back from New Zealand. Let me tell you, it is a beautiful country, albeit a bit like visiting the 1950’s in a cultural/technological sense, but definitely fascinating. And if you ever want the best fish & chips you will ever have, head down to the Ponsonby Fresh Fish and Chips in Auckland. It almost makes me not want to eat fish & chips ever again, they were so good. The sort of chips that are crispy on the outside, but soft (almost liquid?) on the inside, while the fish (red snapper, I believe) was battered with minimal spices in an almost fried dough-type batter that just melt away in your mouth. I would have taken a picture of the lovely combo wrapped in newspaper, but it would likely make me cry because I would know that they are at least 11,000 km away.