Open note to a lot of Red Sox fans out there

I was going to call this a letter, but I don’t care enough to make this long.

Quick question to most Red Sox “fans” who comment on various baseball websites about offseason moves: Why are you fans when you obviously hate the team so much? I thought this might change after 2004/2007, but if anything, it has amplified this constant spewing of hatred about every move the Sox make. I mostly blame mindless mimicry of sports talk radio – I mean, nothing gets rating like spewing hatred towards the home team no matter what. I like the Red Sox. This is not to say that I agree with all their moves (ahem, Julio Lugo), but come on, have a little faith? If you honestly think that the front office wants the team to lose, then maybe you should just go follow another team and break out the tin foil hat.

Being a sports fan should be fun – a hobby. The lot of you make it seem like a chore.


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