I’ve been working on this for a while, a playlist of geology related/inspired/themed/named songs and artists for a little playlist. It surely isn’t the be all/end all of geoRock, but hey, no playlist ever is. If you do track down all the songs, they will fit nicely into a normal CD-R, but for our purposes, I’ve linked to YouTube for your listening enjoyment (sorry about any ads).


  1. Eruption – Van Halen
  2. Megalodon – Mastodon
  3. Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
  4. Lava – The B-52s
  5. If You Want to Rock, Go to the Quarry – Last Hard Men
  6. Earthquake – Labrinth featuring Tinie Tempah
  7. Will Do – TV on the Radio
  8. Volcano – Presidents of the United States of America
  9. Tidal Wave – Apples (In Stereo)
  10. Missing Link – Dinosaur Jr. and Del the Funky Homosapien
  11. Pompeii – Sleater-Kinney
  12. Volcanoes – Islands
  13. Radioactivity – Kraftwerk
  14. Mammoth – Interpol
  15. Dinosaur Act – Matthew Sweet
  16. Metal Guru – T Rex
  17. Mica – Mission of Burma
  18. RUT! – B for Brontosaurus
  19. Ice Age – Joy Division
  20. Mutual Core – Bjork
  21. Coal – Michael Penn
  22. Diamonds and Gold – Tom Waits

Feel free to add suggestions of other GeoRock songs in the comments.