MLB 2016 Predictions

I haven’t really written a prediction post in a few years, but being on sabbatical and all, I decided to take a whack. This is odd considering that I don’t have nearly as much time as before to pour over statistics and injury reports and all to make meaningful, baseball-rific predictions. This is not to say that I don’t have a pretty good grasp of teams that are good and bad for 2016, but the stuff in the middle is a little muddy. Anyway, enjoy! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


American League

East: I admit to being a Red Sox fan, but I think all this wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Boston media is overblown. This is a team that has won 3 World Series this century. They also rallied at the end of last season to not be 100% terrible. I have a good feeling. Additionally: the Yankees are due to collapse from old age. I also enjoy that the Orioles are using the ol’ “hit lots of homers” strategy to win. Before I read this, I thought it might be a good plan as I though home runs were down, but hey, I guess I’m wrong.

  1. Boston 90-72 (tiebreaker to Sox)
  2. Toronto 90-72
  3. Tampa Bay 84-78
  4. New York 80-82
  5. Baltimore 75-87

Central: The Indians pitching staff is too good for them not to make a big run and I think this year will be it. Or maybe I just like Mike Napoli. Much like the Yankees, the Tigers are due for an implosion as well.

  1. Cleveland 95-67
  2. Kansas City 87-75
  3. Chicago 81-81
  4. Detroit 79-83
  5. Minnesota 70-92

West: This division is a mess. Well, no. Houston knows where their towels are. The Rangers were surprising last season. That’s why I’m picking Seattle to win the division by a nose because “reasons”.

  1. Seattle 91-71
  2. Houston 90-72
  3. Texas 84-78
  4. Los Angeles 75-87
  5. Oakland 70-92

National League

East: I’m not sure why the Nationals never seem to work, but yeah, the Mets pitching is silly, so unless elbows explode, they will win the division. Also: the Braves and the Phillies are cannon fodder for the league.

  1. New York 94-78
  2. Washington 92-70
  3. Miami 79-83
  4. Atlanta 67-95
  5. Philadelphia 65-97

Central: With this division, you could conceivably have 2 100 game winners and 2 100 game losers. Which would be awesome.

  1. Chicago 100-62
  2. Pittsburgh 95-67
  3. St. Louis 90-72
  4. Milwaukee 61-101
  5. Cincinnati 60-102

West: When I think about it, I honestly don’t want any team to win this division. I do like Dave Roberts, so the Dodgers have it.

  1. Los Angeles 91-71
  2. San Francisco 88-74
  3. Arizona 82-80
  4. San Diego 72-90
  5. Colorado 69-93


American League

  • Wild Card: HOU over TOR
  • ALDS1: CLE over HOU
  • ALDS2: SEA over BOS
  • ALCS: CLE over SEA

National League

  • Wild Card: PIT over WAS
  • NLDS1: CHC over PIT
  • NLDS2: NYM over LAD
  • NLCS: CHC over NYM

And in the saddest World Series ever:

Cleveland over Chicago

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers
Jun 14, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; Cleveland Indians designated hitter Francisco Lindor (12) reacts to tripping over first base after he hits a single in the ninth inning against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports



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