About Erik Klemetti

Erik Gonzalez

Erik is an amateur music critic who writes for Three Imaginary Girls. He doesn’t get paid for it, so he does have another career that pays the bills, but that is neither here nor there. He has worked for a number of radio stations in his past (WFNX, WEPX, KBVR, KDVS, WSRN), including a stint as music director at WCFM. Erik considers himself one of the few scandatino reviewers out there, but he really doesn’t think it offers him much advantage in this day and age.

Erik is also apt to blog about baseball, one of his other hobbies. He has a number of crackpot theories and observations that you might enjoy. He has loved the Red Sox since he was growing up outside of Boston, so you might get some ranting/raving about the current World Champions.


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