Loma Prieta in card form

I recently got two boxes of baseball cards that I’ve kept at my parents’ house for the last almost 20 years. I’ve been sifting through the cards and thought I’d post a few.

The first one is more interesting than it is amusing, but it does a nice job of combining two of my favorite subjects: geology (the Loma Prieta earthquake) and baseball (The Bay Bridge Series).



California, vote NO on 8.

So, today, driving back from work, I was accosted by “Yes on 8” (get rid of gay marriage in California forever) at an intersection in my town. When I made clear my distaste for “Yes” – by a thumbs down – I thought the children they had employed to wave signs were going to come after me with rocks.

And it is not like this made me decide that “No” is the way to go. Prop. 8 takes away people’s rights, so if you think you are protecting “values”, what you’re actually doing is the same thing as banning interracial marriage. You take away people’s right to express their love and commitment, and more importantly, you legislate people’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So, if you truly believe that all men are created equal, then the choice is obvious: NO on PROPOSITION 8.

The Intellectual Thicket Endorsements

Yes, I know you’ve all be responding “undecided” to the pollsters until you could see who I support, so without further ado …

(Note: This works for all the races in Winters, CA, where I vote).

President/Vice President of the USA: Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D):

If this isn’t a “gimme”, I don’t know what is. The last month has shown us that Obama has the temperament and intelligence to be a strong leader, while John McCain, well, sort of looks crazy. Beyond that, this country needs a fresh start after the 8 years that have been the disastrous Bush Administration.

U.S. Representative (District 1): Mike Thompson (D): My endorsement here is mostly because Rep. Thompson’s office was very responsive when I was having trouble with passport issues. I appreciated the help from my local representative to the House.

State Representative: Lois Wolk (D)

Rep. to State Assembly: Mariko Yamada (D)

Proposition 1A (High Speed Rail): Yes: OK, it might be overly ambitious in the economic times we find ourselves, but we need grand projects like this to get us out of the Eisenhower highway mentality.

Proposition 2 (Cage-free Farm Animals): Yes: I think it is easy to see why paying a few cents more per egg is worth letting a chicken live in a space bigger than a sheet of paper.

Proposition 3 (Children’s Hospital $): No: One of the many “give us money” propositions that pop up each year that are unnecessary and not well-thought-out.

Proposition 4 (Waiting Period for Minors seeking Abortions): No: Not only is this just an attempt to end-run Roe v. Wade, it is also dangerous and illogical.

Proposition 5 (Nonviolent Offenders Rehabilitation Act): Yes: Reduce jail time for minor non-violent drug offenses? Heck, we need to go whole hog and decriminalize a lot of this stuff. This of the money we’d save if we weren’t jailing everyone who is caught with pot.

Proposition 6 ($ for Law Enforcement): No: See Prop. 3

Proposition 7 (Renewal Energy by 2025): No: Surprised? Well, the law is cumbersome and not well-conceived. Also, when the Green Party is against something like this, we know it has problems.

Proposition 8 (Same Sex Marriage Ban): NO:

Talk about insanity. Let’s not start taking away people’s rights, OK?

Proposition 9 (Victim’s Rights): No: Unnecessary legislation that mostly already exists.

Proposition 10 (Alternative Fuels): No: Again, surprised? This is the “Pickens” proposition for Natural Gas, which oddly, is what T. Boone Pickens owns a great deal of. I suppose in the business world, we would call this “synergy” eh? Sierra Club opposes this, so, again, something must be fishy.

Proposition 11 (Redistricting California): Yes: Here is where I break away from most liberals in California. I am for changing the way redistricting occurs mostly because we need a method that at least attempts to take control from the party system. I’d be more for this if it got rid of all party-based criteria to begin with, but that is a pipedream.

Proposition 12 (Veterans’ Funds): Yes: California has voted “yes” for this since 1922, so who am I to argue?